Wedding Day & Dragons

Three days before classes started my sister walked the aisle to her long awaiting, 8 years in the making, high school sweetheart husband. She became Mrs. Kyle Schue.

Credit: F O T O S by Sarah Certa, wedding photographer

Credit: F O T O S by Sarah Certa, wedding photographer

For the past eight years I have watched them and let them teach me the best places to go on dates, how to be the best team at beer pong, how to looks disgustingly great together (see above) and, you know, countless other priceless life lessons.

But as I sat down to write my maid of honor speech the same thing kept coming to mind. It was none of those thing.. it was hardly anything I knew what to do with. It was this quote: “Fairytales are more than real, not because they tell us dragons exist, but because they tell us dragons can be beaten.”

I thought long and hard about why; then it was almost so clear, I felt dumb for not knowing. It was because when I look at those two I didn’t just see a “fairytale” because they adore each other or because Kyle shows up with flowers to surprise my sister, or because after 8 loooooong years together they still laugh like children together. I see a fairytale because they tell me dragons exist.. and that they can, and will, be beaten.

On another note..  of all the great things that happened from this day, here is one lesson I desperately want to share: don’t do floating candles in the jacuzzi for the happy couple. Sure, the idea is really romantic and cute. The reality is scorching hot water resulting in melted candles and waxy water.. later ending up on rented tuxes. Just trust me….. keep the candles out of the water. Wishing now I would have taken a picture of said disaster.

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