Let’s talk about fall

It’s that time again. Fall. I could go on and on about fall (as could every other human because how can one not love fall?).. in fact, the other day I did talk about fall and all my plans for about a half hour before my boyfriend stopped replying. I can take a hint.. so naturally I just kept on talking because I assumed that meant he was just so intrigued. ;)

Anyhow..this weekend was a great fall weekend. If you need help on how to make the best of a what-turned-into a dreary weekend, this is how to do it:

1. Have a study date by the lake. Better yet, make it a reading date. It’s a little distracting when the kids in kayaks find a little baby turtle, but, nonetheless, such a good place to be while doing homework.



Fall weather has surely arrived, now just waiting on those leaves to change!

2. Go to the Farmers Market early on Saturday morning with some roomies/friends. (Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures while there, so you will have to go yourself JUST to see what the hype is all about). I did however purchase some squash:


The carved out one on the left is spaghetti squash, and if you’ve never tried it, try it. They don’t call it spaghetti squash for nothing. Cut it in half, take out the guts and seeds, put some olive oil down on a cookie sheet, bake in the oven for about 45 min. (or until soft) at 450 degrees. Once it’s done, take a fork and scrape at the inside. It will look like angel hair spaghetti, and you can eat it just as you would noodles. Healthy and delicious!


This is what finished spaghetti squash looks like

I bought regular squash, too, and cooked it in the oven. I also thought to get adventurous and bake the seeds like you would pumpkin seeds. It turned out like this:


Clearly I forgot about them for a little bit. They were still tasty though..

3. Make Cinnamon Spiced Pumpkin Bread.

I found this recipe on Pinterest (where else?)

It stated like this:


and ended like this:


To be completely honest…..love pumpkin recipes because that’s what fall is all about. BUT, still either a homemade bread or banana bread kind of girl. Regardless, if you’re looking for some fall cookin’, give it a try if you like pumpkin bread. My roommates had good reviews, so maybe that counts for something..


4 thoughts on “Let’s talk about fall

  1. Just relaxing by the lake looks really nice! Especially with someone you care about. I seriously love fall too and will have to try some pumpkin recipes!

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