3 steps to a cozy room for cheap

If you’re anything like me, a cozy room is essential to life. If it isn’t juuuuust right, it’s all wrong. So this weekend I finally got it right with 3 things:

1. White Christmas lights. Any where, any way… these things are miracle workers. Buy some, and it will brighten (literally and metaphorically) up any room instantaneously. If you already have these, don’t you agree? Or is it just me? You can get a 16 foot length for about $7.00. Or wait until Christmas is over all everything gets even way cheaper.


2. Wall decor. I’ve had these shelves for a few weeks now. I got them both at Salvation Army for $2.50. I was going to paint the wood part white, but this weekend I got too anxious so I put them up just to see how they’d look. I decided the brown looked better in too many ways that made too much sense, and before I knew it, it was as if I transformed my whole room with just some simple wall decorations.


3. Candles. Candles, candles, candles. This one is $1 at Dollar Tree. Smells great. Looks cute. And let’s face it, candles just make everything better. (paired with a favorite picture and you’re golden)



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