Wall art DIY: Broke college-student edition

I am in love with this picture and quote:



So this summer, with all of my “free time,” I took it upon myself to make it. You’ll need six items to complete this project. 

-Cereal boxes/Poptart boxes/ any form of cardboard box that you have in your house currently but would otherwise toss into recycling 



-Black spray paint ($.97 at Walmart)

-Tac, or form of sticky wall stuff

-White Christmas lights (about $2.50) at Walmart


1. Start free handing letters. Don’t worry about it not being perfect; it gives it character.

2. Cut them out.


3. Reuse previously cut letters out for stencils. 

4. Keep chuggin’ along at drawing and cutting.

5. Spray paint black. Pick the least windy day and cover your hands with something otherwise this step will give you a run for your money and black fingers for days.


6. Let dry. Hang on wall with sticky tac. Toss up those lights from one end of the room to another. Voila.








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