That time again: Christmas countdown

I know, I know. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet. I am on that same boat. BUT, it’s so hard not to get in the spirit of the holidays. I just love going home to my family when the house smells like candles and the lights are wrapped around the kitchen. 

So, to hold me over until that can happen, I was Pinteresting and these are a few of my favorite holiday pins. 


The decor:



So easy!

These knee-highs. NOTHING better than cozying up with a pair next to the fireplace and some books.




Cookies. Baking cookies, decorating cookies, eating cookies. 




Eggnog <3 




25 days of Christmas on ABC Family. Who doesn’t love when this comes back on TV? 



& the Christmas movies!



And last but not least, what Christmas is really all about. I hope these next few weeks of classes go quicker than ever. I’m ready for some Christmas.




But first, Thanksgiving :)


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