The shorter-and-sweet, 6 things you might or might want to know:

  • As of recently I am a junior at Winona State University majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Child Advocacy
  • I am disgustingly happy with my life.. I would say it isn’t great 24/7 , but that would be a lie. Even on the crappiest days, it still feels good to cry. Maybe I’m a half-full kind of girl… or something like that
  • Once when I was 2, my family and I took a trip to New York where some guy tried to buy me. His offer was only $50/ pound (which personally kind of offends me). Conveniently all this took place on the porn star strip.. so, thank you mom and dad for choosing my future wisely, I owe all my successes to you
  • I have so many dreams of traveling, but hate flying. Literally, crying kind of fear. Luckily that hasn’t stopped me from traveling, but if you’re ever on a plane and a 20-year-old looks like she has been dragged on against her will, don’t worry, it’s just meMy daddio. AKA, my fave.
  • I love love love going to Farmers Markets. It makes eating vegetables so much more fun.
  • My nearest and dearest friends are my family: my mom and dad, my brother, my sister. Along with my best friend who for the past 7 years lived 3,000 miles away. But hey! Now she lives in Texas, so at least now she’s an ocean closer.  It’s the little things, people!







*Disclaimer: this blog is made 100% because I have to for a PR class, but that is okay with me because I always wanted to start a blog!



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