2 reasons why iNeed an iPhone

I know, I know “#firstworldproblems”

But hear me out. This isn’t about entitlement or about complaining; it’s about me using my old phone until it is lifeless, using every last bit I can before entering the “new” world of smartphones.  This is about me convincing myself it is time to move on from a long-time companion. Not wanting to spend money might also pay a big role.

With that, the two best reasons I have come up with:

#1. My future depends on it. Okay just kidding, that is a little dramatic. But what isn’t dramatic is what is to follow, because it’s a true story: I was at a leadership retreat this weekend. One of the speakers, coincidentally enough it was Arik Hanson (super great speaker), gave us a presentation about the 10 skills of PR pros this day-in-age. #3 was Mobile. You know what he did? He held up his smart phone, wiggled it in the air and said, “These things”… he said PR professions this day and age need to know how mobile works,  how on-the-go works, how people are connecting right at their fingertips.

The point of this anecdote is that being mobile, and all it encompasses,  is part of the PR world. See, really, this is a learning experience. Right? I mean, this is my future we are talking about! :)

and #2.  My go-phone goes no longer. Plain and simple. My junior year of high school my slide-screen AT&T awesome-phone got some sort of water damage, so my mom took me to the store. I willingly suggested I get this $60 go-phone (the kind you pay-as-you-go, except that it would just go with the family plan)  since it will hold up until my next upgrade in a few months.

Photo on 10-6-13 at 10.23 PM

I call it the Blueberry, since many times people have called it a “Blackberry” from a distance.

Fast-forward 4 years when I’m a junior in college, about 3 upgrades later, and this phone is still hanging in there. Hardly. I hear “What??” 10 times during every conversation, or it ends with “Okayyyy, well I can hardly hear you so I’ll call you later” (repeat, repeat, repeat). It doesn’t surprise me anymore when I look down at my phone, realizing I’m talking to no one. I call back and ask, “So what’s the last thing you hear? Oh, okay, (repeat what I said for the past 3 minutes)..”

This thing is a trooper, but its time has come. It has seen many great days, heard many great stories and contains more secrets than I’d like to admit. Bless its soul for sticking around so long.

**Disclaimer: I would be/am content and happy to have any phone/ device that keeps me in contact with the people I love. Truthfully. I am lucky. It’s just time for an upgrade, Julia.