Knitting: knot a normal 20-year-old’s hobby

Okay so maybe it isn’t that great of a hobby, since I can only knit one thing. BUT, I’ve made two roommates now fall in love with it, so that leads me to believe I can title it a hobby at this point.

I learned how to knit freshman year– no. idea. why. One day I was like… you know what? I think I should learn to knit. Knit sweaters. Knit mittens. Knit scarves? Sure. Why not? So I traveled to Yarnology downtown (Which by the way is almost like walking into a bookstore if you love books), got myself some knittin’ sticks and some free yarn. I had my mom teach me at home, but that didn’t go that great since I later found out she was actually teaching me how to purl. Makes it difficult to know how to knit when you’re being taught to purl.

ANYHOW..the happy part of the story is when a friend’s girlfriend and Youtube finally taught me how — the proper way. My first took me over a year (mainly because I took about a 3 month break), but hey who’s keeping track? Then I combined the proper sticks- which I think are really called “needles”- with the right yarn and voila!

Fast forward to last winter when I was finishing up a scarf, and my roommate goes, “Are you knitting?!” Sure am. And yes, it’s on a Saturday night. Judge me.

Then this happened:


Before you know it, we were having knitting lessons, then she was selling them to family and friends. Now we are on to roommie #2 who currently looks like this:


So proud.

So if you’re ever itchin’ to do some knittin’ — and who cares that the rest of the world says this is for grandmas! –come to Wilson street! (or if you ever want to buy one–this is where I throw in a pitch for myself).

OR check out this odd video on Youtube.

Trust me… most relaxing thing. This + Gilmore Girls/your favorite movie + some delicious beverage such as tea or coffee = happiness.