My discussion on wedding rings

This is my question: what, nowadays, is the “right” amount for a wedding ring? (a personal question that I don’t expect answered)


My cousin’s super duper pretty ring.

Now, I know that it is different– completely different– for every person/couple. BUT, why I wonder this is because weddings have been a hot topic in the last few months in my house. My sister got married in August, I was in my cousins wedding over the weekend, and my roommate LOVES weddings and plans hers daily. Her and her boyfriend have been together for almost 6 years, so it isn’t a secret that a wedding is in their future.

Whenever it’s talked about, herself and my other roommate say rings should be in the $5,000+ range. I quote, “A guy should have to take out a loan… we are going to have it for the rest of our lives!” And I thought that was absurd. $5,000 for a ring?!? And they were convinced that amount wasn’t crazy and said they would not, however, let their significant other spend more than $10,000. I’m sorry….. but when I think of rings, that number doesn’t.even.cross my mind.

Am I just out of the times? Or naive? Maybe I don’t look at rings enough — which is probably a good thing because that would really freak me out, let alone my boyfriend, too.

So we discussed our views for a little bit, because then I really started to wonder if maybe I am ignorant. I mean, okay, who wouldn’t enjoy a huge, boulder-like ring on their finger? But is it necessary? I’m not saying it’s terrible (at all) to want or expect that, I’m not even saying it’s wrong or anything negative. If someone has a great job and can afford that, that is one thing and I am truly happy for you; but why would I asked my soon-to-be-husband to spend his life savings on something he could spend half on and it would still mean just as much? There are some gorgeous rings out there that don’t require a loan.  I get my roommate’s points of view, it is a big thing, but I don’t think I would ask that of my significant other. (for more reasons which I won’t get into here)

This discussion just really intrigued me. So if anyone feels compelled to shoot me their 2 cents, I would love to hear it! Please, enlighten me with your views.

Just for wedding’s sake, some photos:

jojos wedding

the party crew


My sister on the left.. people say we look alike, but we don’t see it at all.


The two on the left are my cousin’s kids: flower girl and ring bearer. I could NOT get over how cute they were… look at him in that tux!!