Couples that pull all-nighters together, stay together.

We didn’t have an abundance of homework, studying or other time-required events. My boyfriend Cody and I took a walk across the MN/WI bridge Friday evening and I made a comment about how pretty it’d be at sunrise. “Maybe we should pull an all-nighter tonight?” So we looked at each other, shrugged, and said why not? Since sunrise was at 7:31 on Saturday, we had a long night ahead of us.

So the night started with a trip to Little C’s for some grub around 9 p.m.


typical college kid dinner

Hell Oh Wheels around 10:00 was next. We caught about four episode episodes. Okay, Cody did. By about 1 a.m, I looked like this:


And pretty soon:


Disclaimer: I am not a Packer fan.

Then we switched roles, and while Cody cat napped (we figured as long as one of us was awake at all times, we still succeeded as a team. Right?) I watched How I Met your Mother until 5:30 ish accompanied by a box of Cheerios.


After that we needed some more fuel: coffee.



Leftover pizza and coffee.. we decided that was an okay combination.

And while eating happened, we figured 6 a.m. was a wonderful time for some pumpkin carving. We looooove Wild hockey. We ventured to carve the logo, and check how it turned out! For sleep deprived people, we were pretty impressed with ourselves.


Fiiiinally it was time to catch that sun rising. After a trek to the bridge, this was our long awaited reward:



It was worth it. Sunrises and sunsets are hard to beat, especially in Winona.

Final picture of the morning captured our moods: half of us (represented by Cody) was wide-eyed and ready to go, while the other half (represented by me) was wondering what brought us to be on a bridge at 7:30 in the morning on a Saturday.


Moral of the story: pull an all-nighter some night and catch the sunrise. It’ll end up interesting, logged on memory lane, no matter what.